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Chantel's Choice: Stirling Residences

Chantel’s Choice is a series of reviews that shines light on some good projects because good things are worth a good shoutout.

In this edition of Chantel’s choice, I like to review on Stirling Residences.

Stirling Residences is a new condominium located in the Queenstown vicinity.

3 Things you must know about Stirling Residences

  1. It is close to good food (local, western, japanese)

  2. All units have unblock views with good size balconies.

  3. 89 units are sold in the month of June. This project is 80% sold.

So what makes this project so attractive, that despite the global pandemic and uncertainty in the markets it can still sell 89 units?

Let’s have a look!

Stirling location

Queenstown is one neighbourhood that is filled with character and home to my favourite cookie shop folks and stories. My affinity with this area goes way back during my childhood days where visiting IKEA Alexandra was a highlight for me as a child. Till this day I still have a soft spot for the ikea hotdogs, meatballs and chicken wings!

While I was working on a side hustle with 2 friends, I spent a good amount of time at their place in Meiling Street, which gave me a chance to appreciate the convenience and amazing finds within walking distance.

During my time at meiling street, we will often start the day with breakfast at the Mei Chin Road Market which serves one of the BEST economical bee hoon, our afternoon tea snack and coffee is well-taken care by Tiong Hoe and Folks and Stories.

We will also take a short drive to the labrador park for evening runs which is a combination of scenic sea views and awesome architecture from Reflections at Keppel Bay and Caribbeans by the Bay on the other side.

My time in Meiling has convinced me that living in this area is pretty awesome!

Quick Facts

Stirling Residences

Address: 21-25 Stirling Road

Tenure: 99 year leasehold

Total Number of units: 1259

Estimated Top: APR 2022

Unit Types:

1 BR, 1BR + study

2BR, 2BR + study, 2 BR Premium

3 Br, 3 BR Premium

4 Br

4 Br Penthouse

What I like about Stirling Residences

1.All units in this project has Unblock Views

Stirling Residences sits on an undulated terrain which gives it a natural elevation.

This is one project that offers one of the best views one can ask for in a RCR project.

2.Awesome Location (MRT, Amenities, Popular Eateries)

Stirling residences is within a 5min walk to the Queenstown mrt station. Despite the proximity to the train station, the condo is not affected by the noise from the train as the Queens condo nearby acts as a good buffer for the train noise.

It’s also a short walk to amenities like mei chin road market, anchorage shopping center, and IKEA Alexandra.

It’s also a short drive to the Dempsey, Orchard and TiongBahru area.

It’s also easy to commute to work via the East West Line of the MRT, if your workplace is in One North, the CBD or even Jurong.

3.Luxurious Facilities and Childcare Centre

Usually for a mega project like Stirling Residence with 1259 units, one can expect an array of nice facilities.

I especially like the idea of having a childcare centre within the condo, as it’s convenient for the residents and the rental collected from the childcare centre can also be use to offset a portion of the maintenance cost of the condo, which I think is really a smart and good way to steward the space in the condo.

4.Good Layouts And Design

The layout at Stirling residences are quite well thought out and are generally efficient. For example this 1 bedroom layout, is design to for maximum functionality.

The small and compact AC ledge area is just enough for the compressor and

sufficient space for service man to service the AC. The balcony is also a right size that can comfortably fit in coffee table and chair for one to enjoy the nice views.

The dual access (jack and jill) to the bathroom provides convenience and privacy, as you can have direct access to the bathroom from your bedroom and your guest can access the bathroom without having to go through your bedroom.

One interesting layout for the 2 bedroom is this 2 bedroom compact unit which seems to be the developer’s way of trying to create a product is the best of both worlds.

This 2 bedroom compact layout features

  • Enclose Kitchen

  • Good size master and 2nd bedroom

  • The 2nd bedroom even have sufficient space to have study table beside it

  • With a good size living and dining

  • The master room also have direct access to balcony

I would say that perhaps, the only con of this layout is there is only one bathroom. But it really depends how many pax is staying in the apartment. If it’s just a single or couple even couple with a young kid this 1 bathroom is still sufficient.

I feel this layout has a very good potential to be decorated into an excellent lifestyle unit with the space that it offers.

For more details on other floor plan types and virtual tour of the show units, you may drop me a message and I will be happy to share with you.

5.Good Growth Story and good tenant pools

Located Between 2 CBD

Stirling Residences is located at a sweet spot of being between 2 CBDs, the current CBD in the Raffles Place area and second CBD in Jurong East. Jurong East 2 CBD which is expected to generate 100,000 jobs

Besides potential rental demand from these 2 business districts, potential tenants can also come from the One North Business District and expats working in the Harbourfront and area and nearby Marble Business City 1 and 2.

The one north business district is also home to media industries, including Disney in Sandcrawler Building and Mediacorp occupying Mediapolis

It will be interesting if one of your tenants/or potential buyer who might be a budding celebrity in the media industry! I recall working on a TOP project (newly completed condo) that was near to Caldecott and I manage to sell one of the 2 bedroom unit to one the celebrity from Mediacorp who was looking for a home closer to the station.

Location Surrounded by Million Dollar HDBs

Meiling Street and Dawson Area is also famous for the million-dollar HDB transactions.

This will imply that the residents in this area are likely to be with deep pockets, and should they want to reinvest their profits into the private property in this same area, they will be good potential buyers for Stirling Residences.

As property owners who are familiar with the area and have profited from property sales in the area, they will be a pool of buyer with a high probability of buying back good properties in the area.

First Mover Advantage

Stirling Residences

Stirling Residences is one of the first new launch condo to be developed in this area which is not affected by the MRT noise at the end of this enbloc cycle. Base on this map for URA Masterplan you observe a few interesting developments.

New Shopping Mall

The blue square will be the location for a new Queenstown Mall.

According to straits times’s reporting, this will be a 6 storey mall which will consist of shops and a cinema.

New Residential Development

The Former Global Indian International School has already vacated the land and has shifted to its new site in Punggol. This land is double the size of Stirling Residences. The orange colour means that this land is now marked for residential use.

The areas currently occupied by The Special Operation Command and MDIS are also marked in orange and labeled as subject to detailed planning. This will imply this area will also be used for residential building in the foreseeable future.

As such, in line with the trends of land prices in Singapore, the trend of land prices has been increasing and these sites if launched for private residential use will very likely be at a higher land price compared to Stirling Residences.

Closing Note

Stirling Residences have sold 69 units just in the month of June.

The following is a summary of the prices for all the units that are available for sale.

The prices of Stirling Residences is lower compared to other similar new launches in the RCR like Avenue South (while nearer to the CBD geographically is not exactly within a comfortable walking distance to the mrt)

The Cons of Stirling Residences

Relatively Unknown Developer

The developer Nanshan group and Logan Property are less familiar names. Nanshan group has completed several residential projects which include Thomson impressions.

This is Logan property’s first foray into Singapore property, however while Logan Property is a new player in Singapore property development the company has built many large scale projects in Hong Kong and China.

Some may fear the quality from the developer with no prior track record, but I feel it’s precisely there is no prior track record, hence the developer have chosen a more aggressive pricing strategy, (ie, pricing the units to sell) to gain more market share.

Half of the units the development will have some west facing

Many would advise you that when choosing a property, it will be good to avoid west facing, as the west facing unit, will be subjected to the afternoon sun which will be unbearable for those who fear heat.

I think the balance view in this is that the west sun can really be very hot. And I do hear of people who sold their west facing unit because the find the unit to be too hot for them.

At the same time, I have buyers and tenants who love the west sun, because of the sunset view and some who loves the sun. So I would say it’s really subjective to the individual.

If you really cannot take heat, and you are likely to be home alot, and you are intending to purchase a home for ownstay you should really avoid the west facing unit.

However, if you are looking to purchase a unit to be rented out and you are looking for a best value buy, you might find good buys from west facing units.

This is a mega project with more than 1000 units

Which means, it’s likely to be a lively community staying in this project. Expect to see families and people in the communal areas, enjoying the pool and the various facilities. If you are someone who prefer a low density living, this project might not be suitable for you.

However, that saying so the perks of staying in a mega project like that also means a nice community and access to more variety of facilities. So it depends on the kind of lifestyle you envision. In any case, if you have purchased a unit and decided you do not want to stay in Stirling, I am quite sure it will not be difficult to rent it out.

Final Thoughts

Stirling residences in my opinion is an underdog compared to the similar properties in RCR. If you are a single or young couple looking to purchase a new home in the RCR that is close to hip areas this project will be a good option. For investors looking to secure a good value purchase with good rentability, the and 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units are good choices.

Hope this review is of value to you!


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About The Author

Chantel Teo is fiercely loyal, insatiably curious and always hungry.

A licensed real estate broker based in Singapore. She has transacted properties with a combined value of more than $60 million, from Tanjong Pagar to Orchard to SengKang to Bukit Panjang. In the journey of helping her clients, buy, sell, lease and manage their properties, she has collected many stories and life lessons.

She writes as a form of catharsis and connection. Through her writing, she hopes to share practical and useful insights as well as stories that can enrich her readers.

Buildings and houses are her passion and she has a special love for walk-up apartments and buildings built before the 90s, probably because of the character, charm and history that comes with these buildings. Besides buildings that can stand the test of time, she also appreciates the cultivation of personal substance and character that endures.

One of her favourite quote goes

“Character, in the long run, is the decisive factor in the life of an individual and of nations alike” - Theodore Roosevelt. Her belief is that good character will be a solid foundation in which she builds her career and the people around her.

When she is not hustling at work, she enjoys nice coffee, hearty meals, long walks and a good read. She also has a soft spot for all things furry.


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