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I have know Benny for more than 8 years and he is definitely someone I really appreciate. He has a smart mind and is always able to help me point out good ways to get things without taking unnecessary detours.


Benny is also a very responsive manager who is always quick to answer my questions and make sure I understand every policy/procedure in our line of work. It's a blessing to be able to meet him in my early years and grow with him through the years!

Chantel Teo  

Senior Associate Director

Benny has been an awesome mentor since I joined him in Real Estate about 3 years ago.


He will always be the first person to help me with any questions or issues I faced with my work. I really appreciate the numerous training and guidance he has given me which has allow me to better manage and communicate with my clients in the most professional manner.


Today, Benny is more like a buddy to me than a mentor!

Thank you so much Benny!

Ryan Wong 

Associate Director


I have been in this industry for close to 7 years now and Benny has been my mentor since the first day of my Real Estate career.

Benny is extremely patient and selfless with his sharing and this is what sets him apart from many others. I will not have any hesitation to ask for his advice as he is always the one to provide me with the best solutions!


He is not just my mentor but also my good buddy and friend for many years! 

Eugene Leong 

Associate Director

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