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Senior Associate Director of Orangetee & Tie (Navis Living Group)

I am a licensed realtor based in Singapore and I love what I do!


My great grandfather makes a living as a story teller and I see my job in real estate as one collecting many stories. Through, I hope to connect with you and share with you the stories and learnings that I received in this awesome journey.

I started my real estate journey in 2010 when I needed to solve my family's housing issues. Having experienced this challenge at a young age taught me the importance of prudence and wise stewardship in financial resources. 

For the past 10 years, I have helped many people find their dream home and achieve their financial goals through property planning. Some transactions are straight forward, others requires rigorous planning and creative manoeuvering.

Over the years i have also build up a close network of reliable bankers, lawyers and contractors who are my A Team in ensuring fuss free property transactions for my clients. I hope you glean helpful insights from my writings and I can be part of your property journey.

When I am not dealing with properties, I enjoy good food, nice coffee, long walks and good reads. I also have a soft spot for all things furry. 

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